What is Included When You Get Asset Management Services?

Asset management services typically include a range of financial and investment management functions to help you achieve your goals. The specific services provided can vary based on your needs and the asset manager you work with, but often include the following:

• Investment management. The asset manager makes decisions about how to invest your money across different asset classes like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. They select investments and adjust allocations to optimize your returns and manage risk.

• Portfolio construction. The manager builds and maintains a customized portfolio of investments that matches your risk tolerance, financial objectives, timeline, andasset mix targets. They rebalance as needed to keep the portfolio optimized.

• Financial planning. Comprehensive financial planning services may include cash flow management, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance review, education funding, and more. They help guide important financial decisions.

• Monitoring and rebalancing. The manager continuously monitors the performance of your investments and rebalances as needed to ensure alignment with your financial strategy. They make changes to allocations, selections, or rebalance to improve performance or manage risks.

• Reporting and communications. Regular reports provide updates on the performance of your investments, your financial position, progress towards goals, and any recommended changes. Ongoing communication is aimed at keeping you informed and involved in decisions.

• Discretionary management. For an additional fee, the manager can provide discretionary management where they actively trade in your accounts without needing to check with you for each decision. They have the authority to determine how to invest and rebalance your portfolio to meet objectives.

• Administrative support. Additional services may include administrative tasks such as depositing funds, withdrawing money, transferring assets, opening new accounts, etc. These support the ongoing management of your financial assets and wealth.

In summary, asset management services guide you through developing long-term financial strategies while providing the ongoing management, monitoring, allocation adjustments and other services necessary to help implement your plans and seek the optimal investment of your wealth over time. Asset managers take responsibility for managing your assets professionally and proactively, so you can focus on the other areas of your life.

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