Are you intrigued by the world of cryptocurrency but unsure where to start? Look no further than ICONOMI – the platform that bridges the gap between expert crypto strategies and everyday investors like you.

Copy Success Effortlessly

Gone are the days of endlessly researching and analyzing the crypto market. With ICONOMI, you gain access to a pool of seasoned Crypto Strategists who tailor their trading approaches to suit market fluctuations. This means you can relax as your investments follow the pros.

Your Journey, Your Budget

Embark on your crypto journey with as little as €10. ICONOMI boasts an impressive selection of over 300 public crypto trading strategies. Whether you’re drawn to the stability of the Euro, the innovation of Bitcoin, or the potential of Ethereum, funding your account is a breeze.

Security Simplified

Concerned about the safety of your investments? Rest easy with ICONOMI. Your assets are stored securely, eliminating the need for complex cryptographic keys or wallets. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

Empower Yourself with Flexibility

If you already hold cryptocurrencies, ICONOMI allows you to design your own Crypto Strategy. Manage all your investments seamlessly under one roof. Feeling confident? Make your strategy public and earn from copying and performance fees.

Join the ICONOMI Movement

ICONOMI is driven by a team of professionals dedicated to democratizing cryptocurrency. With years of experience in blockchain and diverse backgrounds, the platform aims to build trust through transparency.


More than just an exchange, ICONOMI redefines digital asset management. By leading in portfolio management, the platform bridges the gap between traditional financial services and the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

Invest with Confidence

Navigating the crypto landscape shouldn’t be daunting. ICONOMI provides a user-friendly platform that encourages informed investment choices. Whether you’re interested in specific cryptocurrencies or trading strategies, ICONOMI is here to empower you.

Ready to transform your crypto investing journey? Join the ICONOMI community and witness the future of finance. Opportunities abound, knowledge flows, and your success takes center stage. Register now, verify your identity, deposit as low as €10, and embark on your journey towards intelligent crypto investing.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investments carry inherent risks. Thorough research and considering your risk tolerance are crucial before investing. ICONOMI does not guarantee specific investment outcomes.


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