At the forefront of the printing, visual communication, and packaging industry, Antalis stands tall as a dominant force with 420 dedicated professionals serving over 15,000 clients across France. With an unwavering commitment to customer needs and market demands, Antalis continuously innovates its product ranges, collaboratively working with suppliers and introducing innovative services.

With a portfolio boasting more than 200 reputable brands, recognized as the broadest in the market, Antalis couples its negotiation prowess for substantial quantities with specialized support production. Our core values define us, offering insights into the Antalis culture that propels us to serve our customers passionately each day. Renowned for our innovation, expertise, and agility, it is the competence and dedication of our team that truly garners the trust of our clients. Customer service is our unwavering priority, and every contribution within our organization holds utmost significance.

The Antalis Group in a Snapshot

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Antalis France – 420 Employees Serving 15,000 Clients

Antalis and Sustainable Development

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to fortify Antalis as a global leader and dependable partner in distributing papers, packaging and visual communication solutions, supplies, equipment, and associated services for professionals. Our mission entails delivering unparalleled excellence to our clients through our expertise, innovative product and service strategies, as well as our collaborative relationships with partners and stakeholders.

We are committed to responsible and agile growth, enriching our business portfolio, accelerating digital transformation, enhancing our workforce’s expertise, and achieving significant returns on invested capital.

Let’s Connect for the Future

Antalis beckons you to explore the possibilities and expertise we offer. Our journey unfolds with responsibility and a commitment to excellence, reflecting our dedication to the industries we serve. Visit Antalis today and witness the future of printing, visual communication, and packaging solutions.


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